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In the film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI) the divorced Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin ran into the chef Wu Kang-Jen and thus changed her life. Ah Sa named her junior colleague Angela Hui Ching Wan to sing the film theme song IMPROPER, the music video of which earlier began production. Because in the film Ah Sa had a bathing scene, the music video director hoped to edit Ah Sa's footage with Angela's bathing scenes as they would echo each other.

Singing a film theme song and shooting a bathing scene for the first time, Angela during the recording was asked to sing with a waiting to bloom feeling; in the music video she had to give an aesthetic and sentimental feeling. For the bathing scene Angela prepared a lot of wardrobe malfunction prevention products. She said, "I have all kinds of tapes, haha, large, medium, small and all the sizes." Yet during the shoot she actually only had to put on a strap less sports bra, as the crew on the set made fun of Angela for being a master of anxiety. During the shower scene, Angela originally thought that the shoot would have continuous warm water, but the scene only required her to wash her hands after showering her head and body. The temperature was only 12 degrees Celsius that day, and Angela was shivering from the cold. The hairstylist had to lend a hand with a blow dryer for her to keep warm. The music video began shooting at 2PM and went on for 11 hours when work finished ended at 2AM. Before leaving work Angela joked, "You might as well let me shower here before I go."

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