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Returning from sickness, Cheung Tat Ming accepted a Radio One Hong Kong program interview with Che Suk Mui and discussed in details his earlier fight against cancer.

Tat Ming produced a film for the first time after his illness and produced A HOME WITH A VIEW (GA WOR MAN SI GAING), unfortunately he was disappointed with the box office. Yet the film received strong praises from Mainland critics, who felt that this was an authentic Hong Kong film with something within. The film was rumored to have finally cut Law Kar Ying's part. Tat Ming apologized. "This was a 1993 award winning play script. Now it has become a movie, many new layers have been added. However too much and too long of the film was shot, so it had to be cut."

In the film, aside from the scene in which the landlord Law Kar Ying hit Louis Koo Tin Lok, Mak Cheung Ching guest starred as a heartless taxi driver who harmed his passenger Francis Ng Chun. It was also cut out as well. Tat Ming said that actually he also wanted to cut his own wheelchair scene but it was saved in the end because Anita Yuen Wing Yi really liked this scene. She thought it was very touching and asked him not to cut it. Tat Ming lamented that he was seriously ill he indeed spent a few days in a wheel chair.

Speaking of his cancer fighting days, Tat Ming recalled that it was the last day of the play RUN FOR YOUR WIFE's rehearsal in 2011. When he got the doctor's report that said that he already had stage three nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Tat Ming said that aside from his wife he told no one. "The show must go on", the professional Tat Ming during the run often had to release the blood from his nose while changing his costume backstage. After finishing five shows, he immediately looked for ways to treat the NPC online as well as a place for his ashes. He was afraid that he would not have enough money to treat the disease. Tat Ming said that he was unwilling to tell everyone because he did not have the time and did not feel the need to. At the time he had a lot to deal with.

Tat Ming due to his diet being affected suffered drastic weight loss, later the media caught him going to the hospital. Tat Ming admitted that he was a public figure so being caught was no problem. However that photo was truly poorly shot, which was a setback for a performer. Friends all visited him after learning about it. Ng Chun Yu was particularly thoughtful and even taught Tat Ming to post standing and Vajrayana treatment methods that included fasting and studying Qi Gong; Chow Yun Fat jogged with him at 6AM in the morning. Tat Ming said that Chow Yun Fat was his idol so whatever he told to do he followed, including not speaking during breakfast. Tat Ming lamented that being sick truly was quite bother but he had to be a little more positive. "Actually nothing is terminal, and medical reports aren't completely accurate. I was very lucky, I was good at school, able to find the stage I wanted and do a lot that I wanted. Suddenly I became a star, won many awards, made a lot of money, everything was beautiful. I didn't have to worry so much; even if I don't know what the future holds, how aftereffect like numbness of the limbs would turn out, I would face it with a pleasant attitude."

He also honestly said that the reason that he and his wife split was the hope that everyone would be a little better. Now he had no new romance, because he did not need it and was not ready. Tat Ming felt that Heaven perhaps wanted him to be a special creator, for him to have different experience to create special stories.

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