Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Sean Lau and Nick Cheung send their New Year greetings as their film opens on top among Lunar New Year films
Sean Lau, Karena Lam and Nick Cheung happily enjoy their New Year meal
courtesy of on.cc

The Emperor Lunar New Year epic INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) yesterday opened in Hong Kong as many shows were sold out. Other shows were closed to sold out and only had individual seats left. The box office for the entire film was over HK$ 3.5 million as it became the single day Chinese and foreign film box office champion!

Lead Lau Ching Wan could not be more surprised to hear the news. "The film's opening performance was so great, of course I am excited! Thank you very much to everyone for their support, and I want to wish each viewer Happy New Year, everything going your way and good health."

The three leads talked about the film's many heavy scenes, which were rather stressful to perform as they had to highly focus their attention. Ka Yun even revealed that she did not have enough scenes with Ching Wan. "I was with Ka Fai for a month, which was more than enough, but with Ching Wan I only had three days. I didn't feel it was enough. I can have more fun." Since their other halves were all in the business, Ka Yun stated that she liked to work with her director husband Yuen Kim Fai as they could set off even more spark. Yet Ka Fai and Ching Wan disagreed, feeling that their identities would become complicated and concerning. Ka Fai said, "You have to talk to her at work and you still have to talk to her at home, forget it!" Ching Wan said, "After I finish the movie I originally am done and can leave work, but if she isn't done I can't go. Then would I have to wait for her too?"

The trio earlier had a New Year meal together. Ka Fai while getting cucumber for Ching Wan said, "I wish your work next year 'Ding Gua Gua' (top notch)!"

Ka Fai said that when he was little his family was strict. At a New Year meal he reached across the table to get a chicken leg, his sister said that he was impolite, slapped him and made him bleed all over the table! He also remembered when he was little the whole family would go to an early morning show, back then Hong Kong film was at its peak! Ching Wan's Lunar birthday was on the Lunar 4th, the Lunar New Year was his favorite holiday. Everyone then broke into a birthday song for him. Ka Yun remembered her grandma's home cooking, when she called her arms would "flap around" in a very familiar way. Ka Fai said, "I thought you were going to say your grandma worked out."

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