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The Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) since the Lunar New Year's Day kept climbing at the box office. As for last night the Lunar Fifth its cumulative box office has already reached HK$ 17 million. Not only the leads Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Karena Lam Ka Yun but also guest star Best Actress Anita Yuen Wing Yi deserved the credit. She stated that she only gave the nod because of her former co-star Ching Wan; another guest star Ben Yuen Fu Wa also remembered before trapped in a snowy mountain for a few days for his scene.

Guest starring as the "custom chief", Best Actress Yuen Wing Yi first agreed to participate not only because the character was fun and her "family" connection with director Alan Mak Siu Fai. Actually the biggest reason would be scenes with Lau Ching Wan, with whom she was full of chemistry with. She did not expect that the first day of work would take place in the early morning, which left her tongue tied while delivering her lines. "Luckily I am professional and still young, I can take it!"

She also admitted that the actor she has the best chemistry with absolutely was Lau Ching Wan. Although they worked together on ten films, privately they spoke less than ten sentences. However as soon as they took their marks they naturally would get each other. She said that she did not coax him to chat. "When people like to talk they do, and not if they don't. I am like that, we chat more when we have something to chat about. I really like to talk about food and play, at first I would say to Ching Wan, 'Did you eat?' He would answer, 'I did!' After that I would not ask what he had. At work he normally wouldn't say much, as he liked to be quiet. We don't have any problem, just that we have no topic! (Did he feel like an old boyfriend?) Not that deep, Ching Wan gives me a feeling of familiarity. I really trust him. I know that at work when I make that scene with him we wouldn't have any problem. It's very comfortable. The most memorable film with him isn't C'EST LA VIE MON CHERI, at the time we were still a little less than strangers. I remember TRICKY BUSINESS and TRI-STAR the best, because we have already worked together many times and become more familiar." Later she and her son ran into Ching Wan on the streets. At the time she tried to sell to her son how handsome and cool he was and even asked his son to get a picture with him.

The Golden Horse Award Best Supporting actor Yuen Fu Wa also guest starred. Playing Cheung Ka Fai's friend, he admitted that shooting on location on a snowy mountain in Australia truly had him "sweating bullets". "Because when we arrived it was almost dark, at the time the contact with the outside world wasn't too great. We couldn't very quickly meet up with the team so we waited in the car. Little did we know that as soon as we opened the car door the wind and the snow was kicking strong, it was very frightening!" Finally after waiting for a few days on the mountain they were able to officially shoot. "The storm was too big so we couldn't shoot at all, luckily later we were able to. In the scene I had to lie down in the snow. Because we were very far from where the crew was I brought a mobile phone. After the scene the phone didn't respond at all. Actually the snow storm drained the battery, it was the first time I saw something like this!" In addition, INTEGRITY yesterday made over 2 million and accumulated over HK$ 17 million over five days.

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