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In the Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK), 9 year old child star Jemma Hung Wing Yi played Nick Cheung Ka Fai's daughter. The Chinese Australian native did not speak Cantonese fluently, but that did not stop her "debut" performance with Best Actor Cheung Ka Fai.

Jemma's father Anthony said, "This time my daughter's performance in INTEGRITY was by chance, the director originally came to my home in Australia to scout for location. The home wasn't right, but he asked my daughter to performance. She had no acting experience and didn't know Ka Fai. Although Ka Fai didn't personally teach my daughter how to act, another sister was on the set to teach her. (She only needed one take to push Ka Fai into the water?) Just one take, it went very smoothly. So after the shoot my daughter thought it was a lot of fun. (Would she continue to perform?) She would like to, but she would have the chance to first. Of course school comes first!"

Deep Ng Ho Hong did not have a lot of screen time but his role was important. In one scene Deep had to force Ka Fai's partners to jump out of a flight. He admitted that the scene was memorable because he not only had to act but also overcome his mental block. "I have a fear of heights, during the shoot I had to pretend I wasn't scared. However my legs were really shaking. It was my first time acting in a helicopter. The scene took eight hours and the director had a lot of patience."

Deep said about his character in the film. "I just started in the film, I haven't done anything yet." This time he did not have any chance to work with Ka Fai and Sean Lau Ching Wan. He admitted that if he had to choose he hoped to work with Ka Fai in the sequel. "Earlier I have worked with Ka Fai on other films. I was very tense before, now I have more experience and should work out before when we work together again. However I have never worked with Ching Wan, I would have to adjust anew."

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