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The Sean Lau Ching Wan, Karena Lam Ka Yun, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Anita Yuen Wing Yi starred Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) after 12 days in release already reached HK$ 26,716,191 at the box office. Ching Wan celebrated his birthday yesterday with the news. His wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming even invited friends like Dayo Wong Tze Wah to celebrate with him.

Earlier when Ching Wan attended audience appreciation events, viewers all said Happy Birthday to him and greatly touched him! Co-stars Ka Yun, Yuen Wing Yi, Tong Yi and Hugo Ng Toi Yung all sent their well wishes to the birthday boy and wanted to work with him again soon. Ka Yun said, "I wish for sweetness for him and his wife. I look forward to keep working with him in the future. Since the film has performed so well, I really want a sequel soon. I don't have to play his wife, I can play his sister, classmate, co-workers, anything, as long as I am not playing his Mommy I am fine!" Yuen Wing Yi wished Ching Wan good health and everything going his way. Tong Yi joked, "I wish you keep being as dark, as cool, as dignified, and I want to say, I am no longer afraid of you!" Actually when she worked with Ching Wan, she was so scared she kept making bad takes!

Ching Wan admitted that he already a dinner with many friends before his birthday. "Many friends I haven't seen in a long time sent five or six cakes to me. I felt very surprised! I don't like to celebrate, as I am more low key." Ka Yun said, "How sad." He said, "It's not sad! I am just low key and don't like to celebrate, but I like to celebrate for others! As for his birthday wish, he got sentimental. "I wish good health, smiles for everyone. When you run into anything unpleasant you would face it with optimism, because life doesn't always go your way, optimism is the most important!"

Tong Yi only had one scene with Ching Wan but was already satisfied. She said that the film was full of Best Actors and Best Actresses so she would watch the monitor to learn. As for the sequel, she wanted a relationship with Ching Wan. "In the film Ching Wan and Ka Yun got back together, they could have a third party and I am more than willing! (Earlier you said that you should have a romance with Carlos Chan Ka Lok, aren't you afraid of rumors?) No, I have known him for years. Last year I worked with him on three movies and became even more familiar! However if we were to click we would have long ago! (Who would you choose between Ka Lok and Ching Wan?) I don't even have to think, definitely Ching Wan."

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