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Yesterday would have been the superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's 64th birthday. Although Gor Gor passed away 17 years ago, his friends and fans still missed him. Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Chan Suk Fun, Karen Mok Man Wai, Leo Ku Kui Ke all posted photos to remember him. Among them Rachel Lee Lai Chun posted an old photo to her late friends Law Ming Chu and Gor Gor, both would have celebrated their birthdays. Daffy Tong Hok Tak even quoted Gor Gor's lyrics, "Even apart is like being together!"

Gor Gor's beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak every year would remember him at midnight of Gor Gor's birthday. This year he posted a photo of a smiling Gor Gor cutting cake with a verse from Gor Gor's hit SPEND TOGETHER, "'Even apart is like being together', Happy Birthday Gor Gor!"

Anita Yuen Wing Yee was also very thoughtful. Yesterday at 5AM she posted, "Gor Gor, Happy Birthday!" Famous fashion designer Lau Pui Kei posted a photo with Gor Gor. "We all carry the past into the masses!" Film company boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming who worked with Gor Gor countless times. "You are missed!" Leo Ku Kui Kei posted Gor Gor's photo as Ouyang Fung in ASHES OF TIMES to remember her. In addition, Tai Chi's Patrick Lui Yau Fai, Calvin Choy Yat Chi, Benjamin Yuen Man Kit, and Renee Dai Mung Mung all wished Gor Gor "Happy Birthday!"

Karen Mok Man Wai also posted an early photo with Cheung Kwok Wing to celebrate his birthday. "This phoo was probably our earlier photo together (on the set of the 1996 film VIVA EROTICA). Dear Uncle Leslie, Happy Birthday, Missing You, Karen."

Lee Lai Chun posted two photos, one was the film HAPPY GHOST's poster and the other was her photos with Cheung Kwok Wing and Bonnie Lo Ming Chu from the film FOR YOUR HEART ONLY. When Chu Mui first started she formed the Happy Girls with Law Ming Chu, who passed away 4 years ago, on the HAPPY GHOST movies. Two days ago (September 11th) would have been Lo Ming Chu's 52nd birthday. Yesterday also would have been Gor Gor's birthday. Chun Mui remembered them both.

As for Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun, she not only posted her photo with Gor Gor but also quoted Gor Gor's STARTING FROM ZERO lyrics to wish Leslie Happy Birthday. Mrs. Chan also went to Po Fook Hill with her son Chan Ka Ho to celebrate "Gor Gor's" birthday.

Due to the pandemic, Mrs. Chan did not met with "Gor" fans and friends as in previous years. However "Gor Gor's" friend Lin Yim Fai, former assistant Kenneth and some Hong Kong "Gor" fans did not forget this important day as they still went to visit "Gor Gor". Mrs. Chan brought "Gor Gor's" favorite food and fruit, a rose heart shaped cake and a floral arrangement for "Gor Gor" who loved fresh flowers. The colorful flowers added brilliant colors to "Gor Gor's" birthday.

The novel coronavirus did not stop "Gor" fans' love for "Gor Gor". Overseas "Gor" fans, although were unable to come to Hong Kong in person, still sent birthday wishes to "Gor Gor" in different ways. Some ordered various flower baskets and turned Po Fook Hill into a sea of flowers; some worried about postal delivery delays and sent birthday cards very early on, asking Mrs. Chan to deliver them. A Mainland "Gor" fan who moved to Japan even personally folded two strands of origami cranes. Mrs. Chan yesterday brought these "Gor" fan's presents to Po Fook Hill to give to "Gor Gor".

Time flies. 2023 will be the 20th anniversary of "Gor Gor's" passing. Mrs. Chan was considered memorial activity formats and urged "Gor" fans to make suggestions to the fan club, as she hoped to satisfy everyone's request.

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