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Sandra Ng helps Gong Li with her posture
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Gong Li worked with Sandra Ng and Stephen Chow in GOD OF GAMBLERS III BACK TO SHANGHAI in 1991

As Sandra Ng gives Gong Li a big hug, Peter Chan asks curiously, "Do you two know each other?"
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The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed film LEAP after 5 days in release made 200 million RMB, a decent showing. Recently the film released official behind the scene videos. Chan Ho Sun's wife Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Joan Chen visited the set. As soon as Kwan Yu said Gong Li she gave her a big hug, like old friends reuniting after a long time apart. Chan Ho Sun was puzzled and asked Gong Li, "Do you two know each other?" Gong Li held Kwan Yu's hands and answered that she and Kwan Yu have worked together on a movie.

They worked together on the 1991 film GOD OF GAMBLERS PART III: BACK TO SHANGHAI (DOH HUP II SEUNG HOI TAN DOH SING), so they have not seen each other in 30 years. Gong Li said to Chan Ho Sun, "She treated me particularly well. At the time I didn't know anything and didn't speak, so other people didn't say much to me......" Kwan Yu remembered that back then Gong Li had back pain and would give her massages to ease her pain.

Later Gong Li and Chan Ho Sun were focused on watching the playback, Kwan Yu saw Gong Li hunched over and gave her a massage. However Gong Li ducked away and said, "You can't do that!" She then stood up straight and said, "This is me!" She hunched over again and said, "She (Lang Ping) normally is like this; when (the role) is growing on you, you are not used to standing up straight!"

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