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Ian Gouw is all grown up in the blink of an eye

Jennifer Yu has many intimate scenes with Ian Gouw
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Late artist Michelle Sze Ma Yin's son Ian Gouw (Ng King To) 14 years ago was called a "genius child star". After getting attention from working with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, he continued his education and did not join the industry. Actually earlier he secretly "returned" for his mentor Patrick Tam Ka Ming's new film, in which he and Jennifer Yu Heung Ying had kiss and bed scenes.

The 23 year old Ng King To in the 2006 Tam Ka Ming directed, Kwok Fu Sing starred film AFTER THIS, OUR EXILE (FU JI) became an overnight sensation. At age 9 he won countless awards, including the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. He immediately received many offers but because at the time Sze Ma Yin wanted her son to focus on school and turned them all down.

14 years later, Ng King To "returned" for his film mentor Tam Ka Ming and performed in segment of SEPTET (CHUT YUN LOK DUI) with Yu Heung Ying as an 80's student couple. Aside from kiss scene, they even had bed scenes in the trailer. Yu Heung Ying called the collaboration with Ng King To wonderful. "I saw AFTER THIS, OUR EXILE. Working with him is like a child turning into an adult in the blink of an eye. He is a very hard working actor. Because he doesn't know Chinese, at first he didn't understand the script. Later he familiarized himself with it and understood the character. (Was the bed scene awkward?) No, everyone might notice the bed scene but the focus of the film would not be there. Before the shoot we rehearsed many times. I really trusted the director and the co-star. I saw the finished product, which was not dirty at all. It was very aesthetically pleasing and very artistic, I am very happy to be able to participate in a movie that saluted film with so many outstanding directors. I am very honored to be able to take part in Tam Ka Ming's segment."

Before Ng King To "returned" to film, he focused on his education. Going to study in Canada in 2015, he posted photos often in recent years on social media and looked more and more like his father. He was just as handsome as he was when he was younger. When he traveled he loved to visit art museums.

Aside from Tam Ka Ming's segment, SEPTET also gathered many famous Hong Kong directors Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Ann Hui On Wa, Yuen Wo Ping, Tsui Hark, Johnnie To Kei Fung and Ringo Lam Lan Tung. In it Simon Yam Tat Wa starred in the late director Lam Lan Tung's final work, which would also be one of the focus of the film.

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