Thursday, September 24, 2020


Charlene Choi in order to avoid affecting others completely concentrates on her performance, even if she is injured
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin in the film FATAL VISIT (SING HOR SAI MAU SAK ONG) had exchanges with Sammi Cheng Sau Man and caught attention. Each scene was heart pounding. Recently FATAL VISIT even was selected for the 16th Zurich Film Festival.

The film opens today. In the film Ah Sa played a dancer Yanny, who was determined to escape an indecent romance. She went to her friend Sister Ling in San Jose. Ah Sa said that some of Yanny's personality was close to hers. "Yanny doesn't mind the trivial stuff, is a somewhat sloppy person. On a certain level she is like my personality in real life. However Yanny would have even more suppressed inside. Ultimately she experienced such a major event in Hong Kong and had such a tremendous impact on her life. During the performance I just had to very directly expressed her emotions and I was already fine."

The third party accusation was unreasonable to Yanny. In real life, whenever Ah Sa was misunderstood, she would have different responses at different ages. "When I was young I thought being misunderstood was a huge grievance, I was in a hurry to clear it up for the entire world. Yet at a certain age, you realized that some things couldn't be explained in just a few words. Since you couldn't change other people's minds, there was no point in saying more."

On their marks, everyone would be 100% focused. Ah Sa admitted that in one scene Sammi's eyes frightened her. "I was having breakfast. Then she came out and told me something. As soon as I came in contact with Sammi's eyes, I immediately shook a little. They were like never seen before from her personally or her other films, very vicious and very cold!"

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