Thursday, September 17, 2020


Kayla Wong (left) already makes her sister Irisa Wong her bridesmaid 

Priscilla Wong praises Carlos Chan as handsome
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Priscilla Wong Chui Yu, Kayla Wong Man Hei and sister Irisa Wong Lai Ka, and the now completely recovered from prostate cancer Ryan Hui Wai Yan attended a photography exhibit. Chan Ka Lok and rumored girlfriend Shiga Lin's friend Chui Yu met for the first time and spoke to the media together. Ka Lok had a healthy tan. He revealed that lately he constantly hiked, ran and waterski, but he stressed that he went waterskiing with a great swimmer Michelle Wai Sze Nga. When asked if he went hiking with Shiga Lin, he avoided the subject and said, "I went waterskiing with Wai Sze Nga."

Actually it was the firs time Chui Yu and Ka Lok met. Chui Yu hoped to have a chance to work with him later and praised how handsome he was. He probably had a lot of girls who were fond of him. Ka Lok returned the compliment and praised Chui Yu as pretty, fit, and tall. Appearing embarrassed, he asked the media to keep the subject on his work. Then he revealed that he just finished a Lunar New Year film BUK YUT SING FUN (COMING SOON WEDDING). As an onscreen couple he and Wai Sze Nga had differences in opinions when it came to marriage. She wanted to wed but he did not. Did Ka Lok want to get married in real life? He said, "I am not in a hurry, I want to work hard first since I haven't made enough money yet. (What about her?) No comment, I don't know how to answer." Chui Yu helped out and told everyone to ask her questions about marriage because she had knowledge in this area. Did Shiga ask her about marriage? She said, "yes, she asked about my overseas wedding. Actually Shiga is a good girl, very kind, so as long as she is happy it's fine."

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