Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Karena Lam understands that whether she agrees with it or not the decision has been made and cannot be changed.
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Karena Lam does not want her daughters to depend too much on city living as she brings her daughters to enjoy the great outdoors

The Steve Yuen directed, Karena Lam and Anthony Wong starred LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD is one of the films the Hong Kong Film Awards postponement affected
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Karena Lam Ka Yun yesterday attended an outdoors brand event. As for the Hong Kong Film Award Association combining two years into the 40th Hong Kong Film Award and postponing it to 2022, Ka Yun said, "I think the Association has already thought about it a lot and ended up with this decision. I would respect the Association." Her husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai directed the Emperor Motion Picture LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD (SEI YUN MO HOR YI) was released already, would she feel that it would be at a disadvantage due to the Hong Kong Film Award delay? She stated that she liked performing and acting too much for her to be at a disadvantage, as her original intent never changed. She said, "My husband respects that too, but he is more pitiful! I as an actor can be more casual, he spent more time on it. I asked if he was OK, he said that he would respect the Association. It is an idea when they were out of ideas."

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