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In the documentary KEEP ROLLING, Ann Hui takes public transportation

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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), Philip Keung Ho Man, Patrick Tam Yiu Man starred, Fung Chih Chiang directed film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG) at the 30th Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival received the "Fukuoka Audience Award". Goo Jai and Suen Huen both said that they were very happy that the film received the audience's recognition and hoped to make even more good movies for the audience in the future.

A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE received raves after its release last year. Aside from multiple Hong Kong Film Award nominations, it also participated in many film festival overseas including the New York Asian Film Festival, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, the Asian Pop-Up Cinema of Chicago and the 30th Fukuoka International Film Festival. Yesterday the Fukuoka International Film Festival also announced that the film received its "Audience Award".

Koo Tin Lok said, "Thank you to the film festival for giving this award to A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE. I am happy to receive the audience's recognition, which is the fruit of labor of the creative team and the on and off screen talent. I still firmly believe that good movies would receive audience support. I hope to be able to make even more good movies for the audience in the future."

Suen Huen also admitted that she was happy to be invited to join the cast by co-star Koo Tin Lok and the director. "I am very happy that the film received recognition. I really am very pleased and excited! I hope to be able to make even more good movies for everyone in the future!"

Keung Ho Man in March also with the film won the Asian Pop-Up Cinema of Chicago's "outstanding performance award". This film also gave Hak Jai a Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Due to the pandemic, Fung Chih Chiang was unable to personally accept the award in Fukuoka. He felt deeply honored to receive the news of the award. "Thank you Fukuoka International Film Festival and every viewer who voted. I really am very happy, very honored, especially for winning the award with two different genre films. Actually this is also the uniqueness of our beloved Hong Kong film -- variety. It can include any genre. Thank you Koo Tin Lok for his support and producer (Derek) Yee Tung Sing for lending a helping hand, and every participating actors for their performance with flesh and blood, everyone in the behind the scene crew for their effort day after day."

Director Fung also admitted that now Hong Kong film is in a very difficult time, but this award is a great encouragement that makes him believe that hard work can be seen by the audience in different places around the world. "Hong Kong film has no geographical limits, I will continue to make movies I believe in. Finally I would like to thank everyone who supports WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE and Hong Kong film. We have never given up, thank you!" This was the second win for Fung Chih Chiang since CONCERTO OF THE BULLY (DAI LOK SI WAI OI PUI LOK) in 2018. He was also the first Hong Kong director to receive the honor twice.

In addition the Man Lim Chung directed Ann Hui On Wa documentary film KEEP ROLLING (HO HO PAK DIN YING) yesterday released its trailer. In it the 40 year light and shadow journey of the legendary Hong Kong director, who just received the Venice Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award Gold Lion Award, as well as an intimate look of her could be seen. She mentioned her sense of belonging for the place where she grew up and wanted to pay back this place. "There must be many stories in this place; I found it very attractive. I am very committed to this city, I want to do something (for it)."

In addition, the Peter Chan Ho Sun directed film LEAP will open in Hong Kong on October 1st.

The film through the video history of three eras of Chinese women's national volleyball team showed the over 30 years struggle for the team. These women's volleyball stories of enthusiasm and youth brought back the collective memories for several generations of people.

The film would bring back many important international volleyball matches, including defeating the Japanese team for the first world championship in 1981, the Beijing 2008 China U.S. women's volleyball match, the Rio 2016 Chinese women's volleyball victory; the Rio match against the Brazilian team even invited the Chinese Rio championship team to perform.

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