Tuesday, February 2, 2021


READY OR KNOT's Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai

courtesy of singtao.com

Cinemas due to the pandemic has closed for a long time. According to the latest announcement cinemas would extend its closing until February 17th, meaning that the film industry's Lunar New Year golden slot has gone up in smoke. Films that originally planned to open as soon as cinemas would open like SHOCK WAVE 2, BREAKOUT BROTHERS, and the Emperor Lunar New Year film READY OR KNOT have all been affected!

As the film industry lost the Lunar New Year slot, SHOCK WAVE 2's investor and Universe boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming said, "There's nothing we can do! The anger is killing me! This time Hong Kong really is in sorrow, from the summer to Christmas no one get to see any movie. Now we even lose the Lunar New Year. Cinemas just jumped off the cliff! How could they go on?"

Cinemas and the film BREAKOUT BROTHERS' investor Raymond Wong Pak Ming said, "Actually the past year of the pandemic has made everyone very upset. We really need to go with the whole family to the movies during the Lunar New Year and watch a Lunar New Year film happily. The government wants to close the cinemas though! Then I really can't do anything about that!"

As for READY OR KNOT's leads Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Michelle Wai Sze Nga both expressed regret. Ka Lok even said, "Watching a Lunar New Year film was one of the very important activities during the Lunar New Year. Now there's nothing we can do. We understand that fighting against the pandemic is very important. We wish everyone good health in the New Year."

The Chloe So Ho Yi, Eric Kot Man Fai starred SUGAR STREET STUDIO (TONG GAI JAI PIN CHONG) was originally scheduled for a Lunar New Year's Eve release. The film company said, "Our loss isn't real loss, the real loss is the Hong Kong film industry's loss.'

So Ho Yi said, "When I found out I was a little disappointed. During the shoot we thought it could open for the Lunar New Year, because very few of this type of comedy ghost films would be released during the Lunar New Year. We wish the pandemic would pass soon so the movie would open sooner."

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