Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Patrick Tam, Justin Cheung, and Louius Cheung
courtesy of singtao.com

As for the Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Adam Pak Tin Nam starred film BREAKOUT BROTHERS (TOH YUK HING DAI) its release date was changed again and again as well. Finally it was confirmed to be tomorrow. BREAKOUT was about several characters' reasons for escaping prison, finally they put aside their differences to work together on the escape; in one scene Tam Yiu Man and others used an air vent and ropes to begin the escape. They needed to crawl through the air vent and struggled for the shoot. However the vent ultimately would have uneven and sharp edges. Finally everyone got cuts and bruises, just Brother Tam alone had three deep scars on his right elbow.

For the prison escape, the team put an one meter long and a dozen or so meter wide air vent. Aside from the actors, cinematographers, equipment and lights were in the vent. Brother Tam said, "The vent looked very wide, but during the shoot actually not much space is left. Between the vent would occasionally be some small and sharp connections, so if we crawled fast we would easily be cut. Actually it was pretty fun, like we went to a theme park." In addition Brother Tam in the prison cell would have physical combat scenes. After fighting for five hours without any padding he then had to climb the air vent, so of course he exhausted a lot of energy.

Aside from crawling through the air vent, Brother Tam at the end of the film even had to climb out of the gutter. Brother Tam said that he fantasized about how this scene would be shot when he read the script. When he learned that he really had to crawl through a real gutter of course he tried to get an understanding. "The team found a gutter that didn't stink and was cleaner. When I saw the actual location I discovered that it really didn't stink and was clean, so of course I was fine. The shoot went very smoothly."

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