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Louis Koo's company has five domestic film in production

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lau invest HK$ 15 million on 5 domestic films
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The pandemic has caused severe trauma to the performing art industry. The film industry is almost at a standstill. Always supportive of the Hong Kong film industry, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lau Luen Hung again contributed to the industry and invested HK$ 15 million on five films of Louis Koo Tin Lok's company so even more film workers would be able to return to their posts and get over the difficult times.

The novel coronavirus pandemic still has not come under control so far. Although earlier when its eased in Hong Kong films began production anew, the latest wave of the pandemic again caused severe impact. The severity of the pandemic again brought the film industry to a stand still. Seeing that, Lau Luen Hung and his wife again provided assistance to the film industry as they invested on five locally produced films of Koo Tin Lok's One Cool Group. Among them SUNG YUEN TOH JUNG (ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL) has already begun production. The second MARATHON (MA LAI CHUNG) also would hopefully start production in March or April. Mr. and Mrs. Lau Luen Hung's investment and any and all proceeds would be donated to the "Joseph Lau Charity Foundation" in its entirety for charity purposes.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lau Luen Hung pointed that they invested HK$ 15 million this time in hopes of being able to help the domestic film industry to get over the hard times during the pandemic. At the same time they promises that they and the "Joseph Lau Charity Foundation" would provide even greater financial and other assistance on the condition that they would be used properly and within their abilities. The Foundation in May last year already donated HK$ 10 million to the Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild's "Hong Kong Film Workers Pandemic Assistance Plan" to ease the basic level film personnel's difficulties during the pandemic. In addition, the "Joseph Lau Charity Foundation" in July 2018 donated HK$ 10 million to the "Fresh Wave Film Festival" to encourage and support a group of local young creators who had potential and wanted to work in film. Along with this investment, Mr. and Mrs. Lau Luen Hung and the "Joseph Lau Charity Foundation" contributed HK$ 35 million to the film industry.

An avid film lover since childhood, Lau Luen Hung recalled that in the 50s when ticket checks were rather loosen his family of five used the same movie ticket and crammed into a small seat to watch a movie. He still remembered that like it was yesterday. As the current film industry faced difficulties, he also hoped to give thanks and try to do what he can to help. One Cool Group said that contributing to the Hong Kong film industry was the common idea of both parties. Five movies would be full of domestic elements and would use more new local actors, to provide them with even more performance opportunities in the winter of the industry.

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