Tuesday, February 23, 2021


courtesy of on.cc

Artist Ng Man Tat was diagnosed with liver cancer. Last month he secretly returned to Hong Kong and was hospitalized at the tumor ward. Yesterday some Mainland media reported rumors of his death. His friend Tin Kai Man immediately clarified, "Some people with bad intention are spreading rumors. I have to clarify, no such thing. Would those who are spreading rumors casually please show some mercy!" Ng Man Tat currently is being treated at a private hospital. Some said that his medical and hospital bill was in 7 figures. Tin Kai Nam said, "The medical bill indeed is very high. (Did he want help>) He didn't ask."

Lam Tsz Chung who worked with Ng Man Tat many times said that the last time he saw him he already thought Ng was much thinner, but still was full of energy. He even kept asking where in the Mainland he could watch horse racing. After the diagnosis he went to Macau for treatment. Last month when he returned to Hong Kong he mentioned his condition to a group of friends, but then he was not heard from again. Would the brothers visit him? Lam Tsz Chung said, "I want to, but I am afraid of disturbing him!"

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