Sunday, February 21, 2021


Eric Tsang reportedly has broken the ice with major Hong Kong record labels
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Eason Chan

Kelly Chen

Alan Tam reveals that Eric Tsang shares his music plan with him
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Sony's Jason Chan, Warner's Alfred Hui and Universal's Eason Chan may have more platforms to promote their music

Alan Tam earlier ran with Eric Tsang

Eric Tsang reportedly invites Tang Chi Wai and Ho Lai Chuen to return
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai officially took office as a TVB assistant general manager, taking over the variety, music production and program businesses. Making a strong return he has been actively looking for personnel to create music programs with variety in hopes of returning Hong Kong music to normal. Thus his first major task was to repair the relationship with three major Hong Kong record labels (currently Universal, Warner and Sony, since Universal purchased EMI). Reportedly, Chi Wai has already asked television veteran Ho Lai Chuen to return to TVB. Ho Lai Chuen recently has been meeting with the three major record companies. In addition Chi Wai had the "heart of people" easily, officially breaking ice in the relationship that been in trouble for a long time and making up. Reportedly TVB and the three major record companies will hold a press conference to explain the details on Wednesday.

Universal executive wong Kim To revealed that he and Chi Wai have been friends for many years. They would have opportunities to work together and he hoped TVB would open its doors. Warner Record's public relations said, "No comment for now." Sony Music's public relations said, "We are waiting for further information." Tang Chi Wai, who allegedly resigned from the Voice Entertainment due to Herman Ho Jit To taking over, has been invited to return as the music director.

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