Thursday, February 4, 2021


Tiger Yau@MIRROR, Michelle Lo and Dee Ho@Error
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Michelle Lo Mik Suet, MIRROR member Tiger Yau Ngo Yin, Error member Ho Kai Wa (Ah Dee) and RubberBand drummer Lai Man (Lai Man Wang) two nights ago worked on a dance scene for the Lunar New Year film HONG KONG WEST SIDE STORIES (HEUNG SAI MUN GEI SUN CHUN SP: AH YEE ~NGOR BUK SEUNG LO LIK LIU!). Ah Dee and the "Little Prince Aladdin" Tiger danced with Auntie, which coaxed Auntie to slip lai see on their bodies.

Playing a rich wife in the film, Lo Mik Suet said that her relationship with Ah Dee was intricate and special. With Tiger it was family. However the most memorable was the smoking scene. She did not smoke but had to pretend to smoke very naturally. After the shoot she had to clean out her mouth. Did they have any intimate scene? Ah Dee said, "There is a little temper, but not intimacy." Lo Mik Suet admitted that she had confidence in the film. "Absolutely, because there is no competition. Since 2019 to now Hong Kong has been very unhappy, a lot of entertainment is watched online. The trend is already for everyone to watch movies on streaming online platforms. If a movie is a Lunar New Year film with Hong Kong people speaking Cantonese, it should have quite a sense of familiarity." Ah Dee pointed out that the Lunar New Year subject was very local, mentioning, "Auntie! I don't want to work hard!" and the dance cluster. He believed that the audience would have common memories and be able to relate.

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