Monday, February 1, 2010


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Jennifer Tse Ting Ting and Juno Mak Chun Lung yesterday attended a handheld computer press conference. Jun's right ear was bandaged. He explained that lately he has been working on Wong Ching Po's new film FAU SHOOK JEH (DISSECTOR). While working on a scene in which Anthony Lau Wing chopped him with an axe he was injured. Although the axe was fake, his right ear was swollen. After seeing a doctor he learned that his ear required a minor operation to prevent changes to his ear bone structure.

Juno said that the doctor first suggested to cut his ear open, but he still had to work on the film so they could only stain the blood out. This scene required additional shoots. Juno said that he worked with Chin Siu Ho, Lau Wing and others with kung fu backgrounds. He just kept taking a beating as if he was being abused. Juno honestly said that lately he rarely saw his family and did not tell his family about his injury. However he will dine with his family on the Lunar New Year day.

Tse Ting Ting earlier went with her boyfriend to the Mainland for his job. She may go again with him. They agreed to accompany the other when they had time. In May Ting Ting will work on her first film. She hoped to appear as an action actress in her first film, a gun toting one would be the best because she would look very cool.

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