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William So becomes Andy Hui's shield when asked about  wedding rumors
Edison Chen asks Richie Jen to sponsor his marathon run
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Lisa S and Daniel Wu
Japanese group EXILE members Hiro and Atsushi
Leon Lai declines to lie about pregnancy rumors
Josie Ho is on a 10 day monthly vegetarian diet with her husband
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Andy Hui has no plan to wed
Edison Chen is confident about completing the marathon
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The Media Asia Group two nights ago held a Spring Banquet.  Its singers and artists including Leon Lai Ming, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Johnnie To Kei Fung, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, William So Wing Hong, William So Wing Hong, Real Ting Chi Go and his wife Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, 24 Herbs, Andy Hui Chi On, Justin Lo (Juk Tin), Edison Chen Koon Hei, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and his wife Lisa S., Janice Man Wing Shan, Japanese group EXILE lead singer Atsushi Yesterday was Chin Wa's Lunar birthday, which the event celebrated.  Chin Wa even announced that her baby will very likely be a boy.

Before the Spring Banquet began, boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok led the artists and the guests for a group photo on the stage and held a toast ceremony.  After the ceremony, the host invited Chin Wa to remain on the stage and brought out a cake to celebrate her birthday.  Yet the host revealed that Chin Wa was 38 and said that two nights ago was Chin Wa's Lunar and regular birthday, which happens only once every 19 years.  Chin Wa said, "Why would you tell people it only happens once every 19 years."  Later she with her husband Ting Chi Ko cut the cake as if they were reenacting the wedding ceremony.  Chin Wa could not help but laugh.  She also made a wish for good health for everyone, children and wealth, and luck in love.

Two nights ago many artists performed, EXILE lead singer Atsushi sang I DO and won applause from everyone.  When So Wing Hong performed THAT SOMEBODY (NA SHUI), Lai Ming even jokingly went on stage to present flowers.  Two nights ago many artists put up cash for the lucky drawing.  Big Boss Lam Kin Ngok put up 30,000, Lai Ming 5,000, Chin Wa 2,000 and others.  Chin Wa was five months pregnant.  Did her cup size increase?  She said of course.  Was Mr. Ting very satisfied with his wife's figure?
He said that he has always been.  Chin Wa joked, "Did you eat the honesty red bean bun?"  Earlier Lam Kin Ngok revealed that she was carrying a son, Chin Wa said that she and Mr. Lam both originate from Chaozhou so they were more traditional.  She did not mind boy or girl, this pregnancy would very likely be a son but the ultrasound was not clear.

How did Chin Wa celebrate her birthday?  She said that two nights ago she had a party with family and friends.  Ting Chi Ko decorated the venue to give her a pleasant surprise.  When asked about her birthday wish, Chin Wa said that the most important was health and safety.  What did Mr. Ting give to his wife?  He said that the party was it.  Did he give anything extra this year?  He joked, "I already gave it to her.  She is pregnant, the gift can be displayed for an entire year."  Chin Wa said, "So gross."  Speaking of taking care of the baby, Mr. Ting admitted that she had talent and joked that he knew which kind of bottle would leak milk, because he had friends with babies too.  In addition, Gaile Lok recently was rumored to be pregnant, Lai Ming two nights ago took the initiative to clarify.  He said, "No lying during the Lunar New Year.  She isn't, don't misunderstand."  Reportedly he bought a home in the U.S. for Gaile Lok's pregnancy.  Lai Ming said, "Did I buy a home?  Yes, that's it!"

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