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Winning numerous awards before its official Hong Kong release, the film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) is catapulted into fame.  Finally in early March A SIMPLE LIFE will be officially released in Hong Kong.  Investor and actor Andy Lau Tak Wa earlier with this film spoke with the media with this film's Venice Best Actress Deanie Ip Tak Han.  Wa Jai hoped that the film will perform well in Hong Kong, then he would not
have to lose his own salary.

On the day of the interview, Sister Deanie had the flu and sounded a little hoarse.  During the interview Sister Deanie sat far away and even covered her nose with her hand as she was afraid of infecting Wa Jai.  She pointed out that Wa Jai could not be sick now because he had a pregnant woman at home.  Speaking of film box office expectation, Sister Deanie said, "Hopefully it will be good, I hope Wa Jai won't lose too much.
Earlier Wa Jai has said that it would lose 2 million."  Wa Jai said that now it probably would not.  Deanie said, "Now it should lose 1 million."

Wa Jai said that it would mainly depend on the Hong Kong box office, even if he had to lose he would lose his own salary.  He joked, "It's very little, 1 or 2 million."  Yet he felt that this was a movie that could benefit him for a lifetime.  Like MADE IN HONG KONG and THE LONGEST SUMMER (HUI NIN YIN FA DUT BIT DOR), they are making 80,000 to 100,00 back annually.  Every film after being sold for eight years would have new royalty.  A good movie would have different royalties.

Speaking of A SIMPLE LIFE's earlier international success but was not released until so much later, was he afraid of the box office effect?  Wa Jai explained that he wanted to find a good release date, but because this was an art film cinemas generally did not want to screen it during major slots.  Now its early March release with the film awards he thought it was good timing.  Would this film participate in other film festivals?  Wa Jai said that it will participate in the Hong Kong Film Awards, but some film festivals had to choose it too.  Will he work with Ann Hui On Wa again?  He pointed out that she is now working on another script but will work with other companies.  As for making another art film, he said that he will if someone asks him.  He was passive but did not have too much abilities.  He could only make one or two years. Will Sister Deanie make Wa Jai's movies first?  She said no, the character and the script had to be right for her first.  Did she receive more script offers after winning an award?  She said, "One or two more!  (Did you get a raise?)  1 or 2 bucks more!"

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