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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Kay Tse On Kay promoted the film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO).  Speaking of this performance, Ka Fai's sacrifice was the greatest.

Before the shoot Ka Fai spent a half a year on a hellish weight loss training.  At its peak he was only a little over 110 pounds and his waist was 22 inches.  He remembered that he has not been this thin since he was 15 and admitted that he thought about quitting during the training, but his wife encouraged him.  "Either you don't play, if you do you have to play all out!"  Ka Fai after hearing what his wife said agreed wholeheartedly.

Ka Fai in order to perform well in this film turned down other jobs.  He thought that this film was the most extravagant because in general only Hollywood productions would spent half a year to prepare, but he in turned suffered a lot of losses.  He said, "I turned down 200 to 300 million in film salary, haha!"

This time Ka Fai's character was very dark.  In order to get into character, during the breaks on the set he would only sit quietly.  Others seemed to be afraid of him.  In addition he played a criminal, generally he would not join the actors who played the police and felt very lonely.  Did he have any difficulty leaving the character?  Ka Fai said no, since he has been acting for several decades.

Kay in the film play a cop.  In one scene Ka Fai put a plastic bag over her head and almost suffocated her.  She personally performed that scene.  Yet for different angles, Kay performed over 20 times and Ka Fai felt very sorry.

Kay even injured her arms on the glass on the ground.  After she got her her son saw all the blood on her and was very scared.  She could only think of an excuse to fool her son to keep him from worrying.  Ka Fai also pointed out that when his daughter saw his poster she asked him why he had to hold a gun.

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