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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two nights ago worked on the Clarence Ford (Fok Yiu Leung) directed film DUT SHU SUN FUN in Shenzhen.  Because they had to shoot a pouring rain scene, three blocks were blocked.  The team yesterday posted notices that detailed the production date and location to inform nearby residents.

The notice achieved the opposite effect though as the notice was posted online.  Two nights ago fans flocked to the location as almost 1,000 people gathered.  Some even looked at from nearby roofs.

Chi Tan never expected such a turn out and even he was surprised.  He urged everyone to pay attention to safety.  Director Fok Yiu Leung might have expected the situation, thus he arranged for almost 70 person security team to maintain order.  He said, "The security team included powerful locals and the police.  Security would be very steady."

For the rain scene, three large water trucks and many workers participated.  Chi Tan in the film played an undercover officer.  Two nights ago he appeared in a mobster look.  Famous tattoo artists spent four to five hours on him.

DUT not only starred Chi Tan but also Vincent Zhao Wenzhou, Zhang Hanyu and Mainland star Jing Tian.  Fok Yiu Leung pointed out that because the investor really liked Chi Tan, the investment had no upper limit.  He admitted that at first Chi Tan worried the watch and the chains would be scratched during fight scenes.  He asked for counterfeits instead but the boss did not mind.  He told Chi Tan to fight and not to keep it in mind.  Chi Tan was not only an actor but also an action director.  Earlier he secretly trained Jing Tian for a week and praised her potential.

The film will shoot in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  In Shenzhen the wired action scenes on the roof would be shot as well as a five car crash with six HK$600,000 luxury cars.  Five would be totaled and one would be the back up.  Later the team will shoot in Hong Kong and even use a helicopter.

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