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Film professional Teddy Robin Kwan two nights ago attended the opening ceremony of his 30 year film exhibition TEDDY ROBIN PANORAMA.  Artists who have worked with him in movies including Cheung Kwok Keung, Kam Hing Yin, Teddy's proteges Derek Kwok Chi Kin and Clement Cheng Si Kit came in support.  Teddy had a female fan who brought his videos over the years, which deeply touched him.  Teddy joked, "I have kept some videos, but friends have taken many away."  Teddy said that he has never seen such a complete collection.  He also said, "I have been in the film industry for 30 years, but more than 30 years in music."

When asked about Teddy's favorite work, he joked, "My favorite movie hasn't been made yet, but so far in my film career my favorite is COPS AND ROBBERS (DIM JI BING BING)."  Teddy said that was his film as a producer, but as a director his favorite was ALL THE WRONG SPIES (NGOR OI YEH LOI HEUNG).  Producing over 20 films over the years, Teddy said that he starred in many as well.  Would he remake any of his past classic films?  He answered with certainty, "No!  I don't want to repeat myself!"  He said that he had a fear of making comedy nowadays, instead he would like to make some human and touching films.  Would he make more movies?  He said, "I am still very stubborn, even though as an actor I have more opportunities to make movies.  I have turned down many movies because I wouldn't make anything that wouldn't be suitable."  Teddy said that currently he had two stories in mind and he would have a part.  What type of characters would he play?  He said, "I like both stories very much, I play seniors in both.  This way is more relaxing."

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