Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung produced, Carol Lai Miu Shuet directed, Shu Qi and Shawn Yue Man Lok starred romantic thriller THE SECOND WOMAN (CHING MAI) will be released on March 8.  Shu Qi in the film played two characters, a pair of twins who both fell for Yue Man Lok and into a immoral love triangle.  Shu Qi in the film was vicious, gentle and sexy all in one.  Earlier she admitted that making THE SECOND WOMAN absolutely was not easy, for a period she could not pull herself out.

Shu Qi earlier posted a "shedding tear" photo online.  She thought that eyes that were swollen from crying looked great.  She said, "Eye drops can be used in crying scenes!  Yet it has no way to reach the condition of red eyes and nose, so I still cry on my own."  In the film she played twin sisters who both fell for Yue Man Lok's stage actor.  She admitted that both characters tragically tortured her, as the older sister's voice and tone would come out suddenly through the younger sister.  She could only discuss with the director to first finish one before shooting the other.  Otherwise she could not perform.

Shu Qi is a Golden Horse Award winning Best Actress and made many outstanding films.  She pointed out that now good characters are fun characters.  She would not deliberately think of any hardship or challenge for herself.  Instead she wanted to play, so her movies did not have to be high technical.

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