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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam yesterday revealed on a radio interview that she just returned from promoting her film THE WEDDING DIARY in Malaysia and Singapore.  Speaking of her co-star Aniu's divorce, she learned a little about it.  Of course Aniu was a little upset but she believed he would be able to handle it.  Elanne said that in the film she had many bed scenes with Aniu; did they anger Aniu's former wife and lead to the divorce?  Elanne immediately clarified and said that she did not supervise on the set.  Their divorce absolutely had nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile, the Kong Yeuk Lam, Aniu, Best Actress Wai Ying Hung starred THE WEDDING DIARY's first week box office exceeded 2 million ringgit and became the champion in Malaysia.  Kong Yeuk Lam personally went to Kuala Lumpur for audience appreciation and celebration with Aniu and other actors.  The director even agreed that if the box office reached 6 million ringgit he will make a sequel with the original team.

Kong Yeuk Lam was excited about the success of her first film in Singapore and Malaysia and said that this was a good start.  Later she would like more chances to make Singapore and Malaysia movies.  This film was also the happiest one that she has worked on.  She joked that she even thought of the sequel subject already, a movie about her and Aniu having a child called THE PARENTHOOD DIARY.

During the promotion, Aniu publicly flirted with Kong Yeuk Lam and praised this on screen wife and beauty.  He even joked about his bed scenes with Kong Yeuk Lam.  Aniu even said that if the box office reached 6 million ringgit, the director would be topless in the city.  He would remove his pants to thank the audience for its support.

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