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ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II) tomorrow will open in the Mainland and Hong Kong.  Leads Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Louis Koo Tin Lok promoted in the Mainland, yesterday they attended the Guangdong premiere.  Both were asked about family as Sammi fans held up "Mrs. Hui" signs.  Reporters asked Sammi when she planned to wed.  Sammi did not know how to respond and finally co-stars Goo Jai answered for her.

At the premiere, Sammi fans held up a "Mrs. Hui" sign.  Not only did they screamed Sammi but also kept screaming On Jai and Mrs. Hui.  Sammi did not know whether to laugh or to cry.  They also tried calligraphy on the stage and gave them to fans.  Later during an interview a reporter suddenly asked when Sammi and On Jai will "close the sky roof" (wed), Sammi did not know how to respond, Goo Jai immediately helped out.  "She said that her home doesn't have a sky roof."  Later someone asked whether Sammi will perform a new concert and how she will spend Valentine's Day.  Goo Jai again came to her rescue. "Let her eat first, she hasn't eaten in several years.  It's such a shame."  A fan suddenly screamed, "Spend it with Ox Tongue (Andy Hui Chi On)".  Sammi laughed and said, "Next question please".

Goo Jai in the film fell in love with his fan Sammi.  In real life he often received love pleads from fans.  He said, "In the past few years I chatted with us online and played games.  They would reply to their letters but I would read the content first.  Because some would call me hubby and would ask me to marry them, I don't know how to handle those.  Improper handling would be rather severe."  Sammi joked, "So far no one has called me the Old Man, the relationship is the average artist and fan one."

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