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Zhang Yimou's favorite Dou Xiao yesterday with Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Kay Tse On Kay attended the NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) Beijing press conference.  Dou Xiao in the film played the young Cheung Ka Fai.  Dou Xiao said that although he was unable to work with the Best Actor, he was fortunate enough to promote the new film in Taiwan with Brother Ka Fai and he was very excited.

Dou Xiao also felt that he was somewhat similar to Brother Ka Fai, "Of course we still have differences, he is an elder Best Actor!"  As for the reason that he participated in NIGHTFALL, Dou Xiao revealed that actually the director "fell in love at first sight" with him.  He said, "Director (Roy) Chow Hin Yeung once said to me, finding an actor who can play a young Brother Ka Fai is very hard in Hong Kong.  The director felt that my eyes resembled his so in the end he chose me.  This was also my first movie in Hong Kong.  It was just three short days, for the movie I didn't even have a chance to return to the hotel and rest.  I had my luggage with me the whole time and kept working throughout the night.  Finally after the shoot I went directly to the airport and returned to Beijing."

Cheung Ka Fai in order to better get into character before the shoot spent half a year to train and lose weight.  Finally he got into shape that could rival Bruce Lee's.  Yesterday at the press conference Cheung Ka Fai appeared in a black suit and his fit figure was on display.  He revealed that he suffered a lot during the fitness and diet period for this shape.  "During that period I only had steamed vegetables and chicken.  Once I truly could not tolerate it and ran into a Japanese restaurant fora few pieces of sashimi to satisfy my appetite."

However this was only physical pain, the most painful was becoming isolated on the set.  Cheung Ka Fai complained, "In this film my character due to vocal cord damage couldn't speak.  In order to get into the mood no one on the entire team spoke to me."  Although this was the first time that Ka Fai played a mute, the challenge was not difficult for him at all.

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