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The action suspense NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing.  Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung and actors Simon Yam Tat Wa and Janice Man Wing Shan attended.  At the event Yam Tat Wa appeared as Sherlock Holmes in representation of the team to unveil the final poster and issued a "national most wanted list" to announce the Operation Nick Cheung Ka Fai manhunt has officially begun.  In the film Cheung Ka Fai's character was similar to the culprit of a Nanjing murder robbery.  Wa Jai suggested for the film company to donate some of the box office proceed to reward the front line uniform police.

Brother Wa revealed that the fight scene in the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car challenged his own fear.  He had a fear of heights.  This Cable Car's bottom was all glass.  Since he was able to directly see the ground inside the car he was less than comfortable.  During this scene he truly was afraid.  This scene also had many fight stunts that made him a little dizzy.  Finally he needed medicinal ointment.  Wa Jai pointed out that he insisted on personally performing, thus everyday he was vomiting.  Finally after a dozen days or so he was used to it.  He won over Ka Fai who played the murderer and still was very excited about the shoot.  However as soon as he saw the car was still several dozen meters above ground he was already a little dizzy.  Brother Wa also admired Ka Fai's professionalism and endurance.  He knew Ka Fai took the initiative to contact a fitness coach for this film and conducted a half a year long hellish training.

Man Wing Shan who worked with two Best Actors for the first time said that this chance was rare, so she put a lot of effort into the preparation.  She spent three months to "experience life".  During that period she would deliberately keep a distance from friends, then spend time on piano practices, read a variety of books, lock herself in a room alone to gradually submerge into her film character.  Her initiative touched the director very much.

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