Tuesday, February 7, 2012


courtesy of takungpao.com

The Andy Lau Tak Wa, Zhang Jingchu, Lin Chiling, Tong Dawei starred DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS has already completed its Dubai shoot.  This time the Dubai production team had several hundred people, 120 foreigners from over 27 nations and regions around the world.  Thus their flights alone cost over 1 million RMB.  The seven star class Burj Al Arab that declined over 40 film production requests from around the world opened up completely for the Chinese production.

Turning down even MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4, why did Burj Al Arab accept a Chinese production this time?  "Burj Al Arab and Burj Dubai both turned us down.  We edited a trailer for them with the scenes that were shot in China, then they were convinced and permitted us to shoot there."  The producer said.

Shooting at the Burj Al Arba required passing three check points.  3 kilometers away from the hotel was the first check point with strict inspections of personnel numbers and identifications.  Under such conditions, the team had to race against time for a record six location changes inside the hotel in one day.  The production was already broken down into ten minute intervals and thus received the foreign team's high praises.

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