Thursday, February 16, 2012


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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan yesterday appeared on Clifton Ko Chi Sum's ATV program.  They talked about their classic comedy ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI).  Mo Mo said that actually this film was already 20 years old.  Reporters said that she did not change much as if she took some preservatives.  Mo Mo said, "No, many say I am getting prettier and prettier."  She said that after so many years, she has already forgotten about the production until they started talking about it.

When she watched ALL'S again would she miss Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing in particular?  Mo Mo admitted that she rarely watched it.  She deliberately avoided it because she was afraid that she would remember Gor Gor and get upset.  Thus she would avoid everything about Gor Gor.  Earlier she watched her interview with Gor Gor because she forgot what she said back then.

Speaking of Denise Ho Wan Si and Eason Chan Yik Shun reprising Anita Mui Yim Fong and Gor Gor's PEERLESS ELEGANCE kiss, Mo Mo did not see it.  Two nights ago she went to Ah Si's play AWAKENING, one of the supporting players joked that she wanted a kiss with Ah Si.

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