Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[2012.02.15] ANDY LAU TAMES TOT

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courtesy of takungpao.com

Soon to be father Andy Lau Tak Wa really liked children originally.  While shooting a family reunion scene for A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH), an one year old kept on crying.  The crew did not know what to do.  Even the child's mother and director Ann Hui On Wa could not calm her down.  Finally Wa Jai gave it a try and immediately tamed the child.

Playing the child's parents in film, Jason Chan Chi Sun and "Young Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi" tried to hold the child to become familiar.  Yet every time they took their marks the child pouted then began to cry.  His mother had to pick him up immediately to calm him down.  Wa Jai then gave it a try as he mischievously had a Lin Chiling photo book in one hand and a bottle of milk in the other for the child to choose.  The child saw Wa Jai doing so, immediately shut up, stared at Wa Jai and began to baby talk.  Wa Jai gently said to the child, "When you cry we can't get off work."  The child seemed to understand and laughed.  Hui On Wa immediately started shooting and in the shortest time completed this joyful scene that they waited over three hours for.

As the director accepted the take, Wa Jai immediately praised the child and said, "You're very good, next year I will apply for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for you!"  The child clapped happily and the entire team applauded in response.  Wa Jai honestly said that he really liked children, but he thought that parents now would only spoil their children and did not know how to teach them.  Although he was not a father yet, he truly could not overlook how his friends spoil their children.  He felt that when a child was tired they would automatically shut up.  Yet when the child cry and you tried everything to get it to stop, then you spoil it.

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