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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday attended their new film premiere in Beijing.  Sammi's on screen husband Li Guangjie also appeared.  During the event, Goo Jai and Sammi were full of witty remarks and even sang the film theme song DO RE MI.  When Sammi was asked about Valentine's Day gift, she said, "I would give myself to him as a present."

Releasing simultaneously on Thursday in the Mainland and Hong Kong, ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II) yesterday held its premiere in Beijing and attracted over 100 media members and fans.  The event first arranged for two children to play the film theme song, then played the music video before leads Sammi and Goo Jai appeared.  Always quick to the point, Goo Jai Jai was asked about his high plains production experience.  He said, "I have worked on the high plains before, I also have worked with Gao Yuanyuan before.  Actually the most difficult scene was when Sammi went mad and ran into the forest.  I had to carry her and deliver a very long lines.  At that time my leg was just injured.  It was deeply memorable."

Sammi sweetly smiled on the stage and kept "whispering" to Goo Jai and Li Guangjie.  When asked what she would recommend as a Valentine's Day gift.  She awkwardly smiled and said, "I think I will give myself to him as a gift!"  She directly caused a stir in the audience.  Later she again said, "If in reality my husband vanishes like in the film, I wouldn't give up either.  Even if I make a mess it's OK because I feel this is an expression of love."  How would she encourage people who are still single?  She said, "I need everyone's encouragement too!  Single people don't be anxious, married ones don't be arrogant."  Goo Jai also jokingly asked the host, "I am single too!  If I encourage them, who encourages me?"  The host said that as good friends if they had any relationship issues would they look for comfort from the other?  Goo Jai joked, "Why would she need comforting?  She can comfort."  Laughter arose.  In addition, playing Sammi's husband Li Guangjie said that he in the film actually played his wife's idol Koo Tin Lok.  He seriously treated his own love.  Did Goo Jai feel they resembled each other?  Goo Jai joked, "We look alike, including what everyone can see and what can't be seen too."

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