Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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Chapman To Man Jat and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei in the film MR. AND MRS. GAMBLER (LAN DOH FU DAU LAN DOH CHAI) played gambling addicts who fall for each other due to owing land shark money.  After marriage they each have an affair and ended up in divorce.  In order to fight for their daughter's custody they race to quit gambling.  In reality To Man Jat also had a period of gambling addiction.  "Then I realize gambling a lot was harmful so I decided to quit.  Making this film brought back memories of my gambling past, it was a method performance."

Sit Hoi Kei had difficulty with playing a gambling addict.  Before the shoot she had to review gambling knowledge as she practiced playing mahjong and watching horse races.  She experienced the life of a gambling addict.  Director Wong Jing even taught her to "feel" mahjong tiles.  To Man Jat said, "With the gambling film king Wong Jing's personal instruction, Sit Hoi Kei has hope to become a gambling queen!"

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