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Tse Kwan Ho and film industry new comer Karena Ng Chin Yu were guests on the free entertainment video channel.  Tse Kwan Ho talked about his experience of romancing the camera and performing on the stage; Ng Chin Yu revealed her first love and what she looks for in a mate.

Film, television and stage triple threat Tse Kwan Ho said, "Making a movie is like romancing the camera.  Performing on the stage is like at the starting line, as soon as the gun goes off you have to sprint!"  While on stage, he was the most afraid of facing audience response.  However this interactive relationship was also the attractive part of plays.

With little news Tse Kwan Ho claimed to be a professional artist.  He preferred to be more naive and did not like to create news.  He said, "Being naive and playing the role well is enough!  If things are made too complicated, you would feel you are not performing well."  He also felt that whether in a film or a play he could not be self aware, otherwise he would lost his own characteristics.  Thus gentle people should play evil characters.

Ng Chin Yu was not the flower of her school, which she said might be because she often sunbathed.  Few guys liked her and so far she has only dated once.  He was English.  "That was puppy love.  Real dating is being a part of each other's lives, being able to know each other's friends and family.  Yet he and I are too far apart!"

Chin Yu thought Asian guys were more practical, they were not romantic enough.  In addition they would not take the initiative with girls.  They would only hint.  Perhaps they felt they had more choices.  However she felt that if she liked someone she should work hard at it.  She reminded Hong Kong guys to work harder because many of her female friends have not dated yet.  As for what she looked for in a mate, Chin Yu said, "Liking someone isn't because of her background or identity.  The most important is personality match.

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