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Lee Lik Chi, Clement Cheng Si Kit and others yesterday were guest presenters at the 5th Hong Kong Mobile Film production contest. Lee Lik Chi said that young people nowadays love to shoot with mobile phones.  Like the earlier Taiwan film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE that was a breath of fresh air to everyone's eyes and ears, everyone can try to work with more new comers.  Ultimately now it is the high definition era, everyone like to watch the younger generation in performance.  Lee Lik Chi also hoped that the future chief executive will be able to put more effort into Hong Kong domestic films.

As for his choice for Chief Executive, Lee Lik Chi joked, "Now the Chief Executive not only has to be smart, everyone are seemingly concerned with honesty.  Thus you are better off not making any mistake normally.  You don't know when you will run for the Chief Executive.  You don't know about all the bad things that you've done before."  Then he said that ultimately people should not make mistakes.  Speaking of
director James Yuen Sai Sun earlier having his screenplay hijacked by a Mainland company, Lee Lik Chi revealed that in the Mainland that was the norm.  Once he attended a production start ceremony as a guest, when the series was aired in Guangxi he suddenly became the series producer.  Actually everyone are only doing their jobs, he hoped to stop similar plots from occurring again.  Lee Lik Chi said, "I know in Hong Kong and the U.S. you can get copyright for a screenplay, but it's a little harder in the Mainland.  I often would give a photocopy to the other party.  Even email has certain risks.  Take care at every turn."  Lee Lik Chi said that he was not certain about Yuen Sai Sun's situation and asked reporters to ask him instead.

The Clement Cheng Si Kit directed MERRY GO ROUND (DUNG FUNG POR)'s leads Teddy Robin Kwan and Ella Koon Yun Na winning the Golden Koala International Chinese Film Festival Best Actor and Best Actress.  Cheng Si Kit looked forward to when everyone would have time to celebrate.  He was very happy as well as he praised the winners as great actors.  He hoped to have a chance to work with them again.

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