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Hong Kong director James Yuen Sai Sun a year ago in Beijing through Bruce Law Lai Yin met Taiwan film producer Allen Tan, who under the guise of planning a film production asked him about his projects.  Yuen proceeded to provide his original screenplay GA FUNG JUNG WONG (FAKE AND REAL PHOENIX) for him to browse.  Later Yuen left Beijing and returned to Hong Kong and Tan did not contact him further about this project.  In early June last year, Yuen Sai Sun from a third party and workers of the production learned that the just completed film, the Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Kang Sang-Woo starred film REPEAT, I LOVE YOU (YING JI OI YUN) was the story that Yuen Sai Sun participated in and wrote.  Pak Chi's character personality, encounters, story and name in the film were identical to GA FUNG JUNG WONG's, the main plot line was the same as well; the film's producer was Allen Tan.

Yuen Sai Sun said that Tan without his permission and authorization turned GA FUNG JUNG WONG into REPEAT, I LOVE YOU.  Yuen Sai Sun through his manager Ho Kam Wah made inquiries with REPEAT, I LOVE YOU producer Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, who admitted that in as early as December 2012, the story that Allen Tan showed Kwan Kam Peng was the Yuen Sai Sun signed and written GA FUNG JUNG WON original story.  Kwan Kam Peng asked Allen Tan to properly handle Yuen Sai Sun's copyright issues but Allen Tan did not.

In July last year, through Kwan Kam Peng's mediation, Ho Kam Wah met with Allen Tan in Beijing.  Tan admitted stealing GA FUNG JUNG WONG's ideas and characters to make REPEAT, I LOVE YOU.  Because the "rice was already cooked", both parties agreed to "after the fact reparation" to sell GA FUNG JUNG WONG's copyright to Allen Tan and his company for 200,000 yuan RMB.  Yuen Sai Sun said that he helplessly sold his effort and "son".  Yet until the end of last year, Tan has been dragged his feet and said that the REPEAT, I LOVE YOU release company and investor China Film Group and DMG Entertainment Media Group refused to buy the copyright.  Yuen Sai Sun pointed out that originally he wanted to cover up the crime of theft in a "peaceful" manner, but at this point he had to "announce it to the world".

Yuen Sai Sun said that Tan's behavior was "robbery" and "literature theft", such copyright violations invited contempt.  He also said that this incident sent chills to his heart as he sensed its lack of legality, morality and copyright protection.  Yuen Sai Sun now reserved all legal action rights against the film REPEAT, I LOVE YOU's original copyright violation.  He also believed that the Hong Kong Film Workers Union, Hong Kong Directors' Guild, Hong Kong Screenwriter Association would provide assistance in hopes of obtaining justice for him.

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