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The Hong Kong Film Archive yesterday screened the Connie Chan Bo Chu starred THE PREGNANT MAIDEN (YUK NUI TIM DING) at the Broadway Film Center.  Sister Bo Chu made an appearance and shared her experience with the audience.  She received many fans' support.  Sister Bo Chu said that she was an itch to make a movie comeback, but she thought she was a little old for it.  Actually she has made over 200 films, all of which have made her collection; however Sister Bo Chu said that her son Yeung Tin King was not her fan.  Would she leave it for her grandchildren to watch?  Sister Bo Chu joked, "I am afraid he would ask me, wow this was Granny?  I would be very heartbroken."  Sister Bo Chu said that she was in no hurry to become a grandmother.  Tin King this summer will host a belated wedding banquet; however he asked her for advice about everyone and gave her quite a headache.  After she finished working she would help with the preparation.

How did Sister Bo Chu relieve stress?  She said, "When I made movies I didn't have any emotional stress, and I didn't feel unhappy about anything.  Maybe it's because I like making movies.  The only thing is the lack of sleep.  If I get a hour to sleep it's enough, everything in life is very simple."

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