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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Louis Koo Tin Lok earlier went to Shangri-La to make the film ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II).  Due to the location's high altitude, air was thin and they had a tough time during the shoot.  With an entire family of sinusitis sufferers, Goo Jai during the shoot had a nasal water build up that gave him a splitting headache.  However he praised Sammi's strength.  During the crying herself hoarse scenes, she still was more than able to handle it.

Goo Jai in the film did not have as many action scenes as Sammi, but in one scene he went to look for Sammi in the forest.  He had to scream there, due to the thin air he felt dizzy from just running while screaming.  During the shoot, Goo Jai's sinus had a water buildup and required long term medication.  In high air pressure locations he would have headache, eye and ear pain.  At the time he suffered from a lot of pain.  Although he had medicine, after taking it he was dizzy and nauseous.  Thus he tried not to take it.

Even so, Goo Jai liked the life in Shangri-La very much.  Everyday he saw very pretty lake and mountain scenery.  His work schedule was stable, life was simple and he was very happy.  When he returned to Hong Kong after the shoot, he discovered that his health was much better.  He hoped after retirement he would be able to live life like this.  Goo Jai also said that now at home he only ate and slept.  He would be in bed by 6PM and out of bed before sunrise.  Reporters said that he was so rich he could retire now; Goo Jai said that it was not a money issue.  Now he still wanted to work.

Sammi said that before she went to Shangri-La, her health was great.  Yet after arriving she needed some time to adjust.  In the film Sammi had to run like mad and even had many screaming until she was hoarse performance.  She even had a scene in which she had to pull Goo Jai out of the water.  She honestly said that after these scenes she was very tired, she needed to exert a lot of effort.  Goo Jai joked Sammi was very healthy because Gao Yuanyuan had a similar performance, after which she was almost dead.  Sammi on the other hand could perform several times.  Sammi said that after the shoot she had to try to catch her breath too.

Due to the dry climate, Sammi's skin condition during the shoot was not great but she did not mind.  She accepted her image in the film, but on the stage she had to be pretty.  Sammi also pointed out that the character's stubbornness toward love touched her.  She was not stubborn and thought love needed hard work to maintain.  Earlier when she made EVERLASTING REGRET (CHEUNG HUNG GOR) she could not leave the character and suffered depression.  This time she again had to make crying and screaming scenes.  How was she able to leave the character?  Sammi said that when making similar scenes she took a lot of time to get into character.  The directors did not dare to chat with her, but as soon as she heard cut she was able to leave.  She continued, when she made the EVERLASTING REGRET crying scene, she could not stop even the director yelled cut.  Perhaps because she was sick at the time, she learned a lot about handling the character.

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