Friday, February 24, 2012


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Last night the scheming comedy SCHEME WITH ME (SEUNG SING GAI JUNG GAI)'s Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Jiu Kong attended a premiere.  Many of Siu Chai's Hong Kong fans came in support.  After the screening, Siu Chai and Jiu Kong even had intimate interaction with fans and even ran into the crowd for a photo.

Yam Yin Chai in the film played a swindler Ghost Face whose expertise was disguises.  Yam Yin Chai in the film also tried many different looks but he suffered for them.  In the film her bucktooth look almost gave him cramps.  Yam Yin Chai in the film suffered even more.  "Not only is the location far away and sandy, a scene in which I was supposed to enjoy the scenery required me walking over several hills.  It truly was tough.  Thank you very much for your support." Always playing the gentleman in his past films, Yam Yin Chai this time played a very improper swindler.  He joked, "I really am a swindler, I fooled everyone with my gentleman disguise.  I am an actor, the loyal and honest roles were all fake.  I really am a swindler, being childish is my actual nature."

Current Central Ethnic Revue captain Tenggeer in this film was paired with Yvonne Yung Hung.  Often in silence, Tenggeer's performance would make the audience explode with laughter.  He too was curious.  "In my life I am a very introverted person.  I don't know why the performance is very funny.  I myself don't know what's going on.  During the performance, during the voice work, I was very nervous."

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