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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Louis Koo Tin Lok earlier were on a TVB Entertainment News Channel interview with Luisa Leitao (Lai Chi San).  They not only shared their ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II)'s experience but also talked about their views on love in detail.

Goo Jai said the most memorable was the scene in he carried Sammi while singing.  Because at the time he just had leg surgery, he kept worry about his wound.  Luckily Sammi was light and he was able to finish the scene.  Sammi joked that in this scene she suffered as she had to listen to Goo Jai sing.  She stated that it had nothing to do with Goo Jai's singing, only because she was a professional singer the scene made her want to sing!

As for their own views on love, Sammi said that she was not stubborn in love.  Instead she focused more on the effort that they gave in love.  After reuniting with Andy Hui Chi On, she was often asked about proposal, wedding and parenthood, she reiterated that she never thought about proposal and had no plan to wed yet.  Yet she insisted against her mate to propose in public, if it happened she would run away on the spot!  Goo Jai joked that Sammi and On Jai's reunion benefited him because he had no paparazzi during the film shoot to recycle their rumor!  When asked about Goo Jai's romantic status, he continued to keep his mouth shut as she said that career came first!

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