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The Van Fan Yat Sun and Chrissie Chau Sun Na starred thriller ANY OTHER SIDE (YEH DIM GWAI TAM) will open in Hong Kong on March 15.  Chau Sau Na in the film played twin sisters, which to her was a huge acting challenge.  She even watched the classic Thai horror film ALONE to experience the character's mental condition in order to achieve the fatal thrill.  Did she set off any spark with the numerous hunks in the film?  Chau Sau Na said that working with Fan Yat Sun and other actors was pleasant.  On the set they often had a lot of fun, of course sparks were inevitable.

In the film Fan Yat Sun and Chau Sau Na had a bathtub scene that originally could be very hot, but they were "out of juice" because the murder scene was very terrifying.  During that scene, everyone already worked all night and it was the last scene before the wrap.  At the time everyone was out of juice and even took the chance to lie in the tub and rest for awhile.  Since his comeback with the film CAPE NO. 7, Fan Yat Sun admitted that she would like to make films of different genres as his CAPE NO. 7 character was still a singer.  he would like the most to write, direct and star i a humorous hero comedy.  This time Fan Yat Sun was a comic book writer who created his own comic book characters, which he played to entertain himself.

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