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The Chapman To Man Jat and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei starred MR. AND MRS. GAMBLER (LAN DOH FU DAU LAN DOH CHAI) will soon be released, as the film title implies gambling will be its selling point.  Ah Jat in the early 90s owed over 1 million and ran away to Taiwan.  No wonder he did not mind sharing his experience to make everyone understand the harm of gambling and even revealed that now when he loses he would be sore, he would only bet small for fun during the Lunar New Year.

To Man Jat and Sit Hoi Kei in MR. played gambling addict couple.  In reality Ah Jat in the 90s spent time as a gambler.  Over ten years ago due to debt collection he landed his first entertainment headline.  He remembered, "At the time I owed people a lot of money and had to run away to Taiwan.  When I returned to Hong Kong I joined ATV to make television series thinking that no one would watch.  I never expected the debt collector to see me on television and immediately called newspapers to expose my debts, which turned into headline news!"  Ah Jat admitted that back then he owed different people over 1 million in total, yet he toiled away silently at ATV and finally he slowly paid back all the debts.  Fiona was very surprised to hear her co-star's experience and could not help but say that her performance in the film was acting.  She said, "Ah Jat performed like it was a part of his everyday life, you can say he was familiar with it!  I have learned a lot from him too!"  Fiona admitted that she had no gambling knowledge.  In the film she had to intensely flip cards and learn many gambling table terms.

After many years, Ah Jat stressed that as he grew older he felt how hard it was to make money.  Thus he would not gamble again.  He said, "Back then I was only 18, I couldn't think of anything to get rich so I relied on gambling.  Now if I lose money I would be very sore!  Yet a little Lunar New Year fun was OK!"  What was Ah Jat good at?  Ah Jat complained, "I wasn't good at anything so I lost 1 million!"  He boasted that back then he has won over 1 million, thus at age 18 he already bought his life gold Rolex.  he stressed that he was the living example of gamblers.  MR.'s director was Wong Jing.  Ah Jat praised Brother Jing for still willing to make authentic Hong Kong films.  He said, "Many directors now have returned to the Mainland or make co-productions.  Brother Jing's expertise is gambling films.  When he said he would make a movie with Hong Kong film flavor, I immediately agreed!"

The Lunar New Year had many big film releases, MR. was scheduled for a post Lunar New Year release.  Was Ah Jat disappointed?  He said no, because too many films were released during the Lunar New Year."  He joked, "If you feel lost you can watch this film!"  Fiona this time worked with Ah Jat for the fifth time.  Ah Jat's wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei asked her husband not to ask Fiona again to keep from preventing her from
meeting guys.  Ah Jat said, "The Old Lady said to give Fiona more chances!"  Fiona might be over 30 soon but she still was very confident.  "I believe in destiny so I am not afraid, if I can't find a suitable mate in my life, the Lord will make arrangements!"

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