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Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Xie Na, Natalie Meng Yao and Lin Miaoke two days ago attended Wong Jing's new film MARRY MR. PERFECT (GA GOR YUT BAK FUN NAM YUI) press conference.  The film has been slated for a Mainland, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia release on March 16th.  Wong Jing said that he put a lot of effort into the film and it was his first workplace romantic comedy.  Effects and comedy in it surpassed many of his previous work and ideas.  It had many comedy elements that his previous films did not have.

During the production, the cast had good news after good news.  First lead actor Ronald Cheng Chung Kei had a daughter and became the "perfect old dad"; then the three female leads Leung Wing Kei, Xie Na, Meng Yao all found their "perfect men".  Wong Jing said that he was very shocked himself.  "This film witnessed the cast's happiest moments and truly lived up to the name 'film of wonder'.  I hope this spring it will be able to deliver this wonderful force to every viewer so everyone can receive the love and happiness that they have been waiting for."

However he was a little jealous too as he wanted to observe in person whether the three female leads' "perfect men" lived up to the standard.  He often gave them trouble, which made two female leads lament and turning the target back on Wong Jing "Actually Director Wong is the real perfect man, he is both funny and rich."  Wong Jing happily said, "The perfect man standards are all different.  I in my family's eyes am the perfect man.  Our two male leads Cheng Chung Kei and (Chapman) To Man Jat) are also perfect men."  Later Wong Jing complimented Leung Wing Kei, Xie Na and Meng Yao on their vision and immediately gave away three big red pockets to congratulate them on marrying the perfect men.

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