Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) has been busy with the film THE LADY promotion.  Two nights ago she and director Luc Besson attended the premiere forum, after which Luc Besson and the producer left Hong Kong.  Michelle yesterday attended a Baptist University forum with over 100 students in attendance.  Because few students have seen the film, they did not have too many questions.  Michelle could not help but say, "If you don't have anything to ask, then I am leaving."

At the forum yesterday, a female student saw Michelle's speech scene in the film and was moved to tears.  Michelle said that the scene required her to speak Burmese, she was very happy to be able to touch the audience; she even demonstrated a few lines of Burmese.  A student asked what did Michelle and Aung San Suu Ki talk about when they met.  She said that as soon as Aung San Suu Ki saw her she said, "My son said you look like me very much>"  Michelle said that at the time she did not know how to respond, they just chatted.  Now that the film has been released, Michelle admitted that she did not dare to ask her to watch.  The film mentioned Aung San's husband and son's illness, if she saw it she would definitely be in a lot of pain.

A student asked what the difference was between making a wuxia film and this time.  Michelle said that this film made her understand how to live, but wuxia film's spirit and attitude are also very important.  She would continue to make wuxia films.

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