Saturday, February 25, 2012


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Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Yen Chi Tan two nights ago attended a cancer fund charity event.  Currently working on a film in Shenzhen, Chi Tan deliberately returned to Hong Kong to attend with his wife Cissy Wang, but he looked scruffier and darker.  He admitted that he recently has been working on a modern police film and slept for only two hours daily.  Cissy revealed that Chi Tan's look scared their son so much that he did not dare to go near him, he even kept calling him "bad man".  Luckily their daughter knew he was just making a movie.  Cissy also revealed that recently she showed their son IP MAN, and their son said that he was
"proud of Daddy".  Did their son learn Wing Chun from Chi Tan in the film?  Chi Tan said that he did not have to because his son already has his own fighting style.  He also praised that his son had a knack for martial arts, but because he did not have time to instruct him Cissy has already enrolled their son in kung fu classes.

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