Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Teddy Robin Kwan yesterday attended Hong Kong Film New Action event.  As one of the show business commission member Wong Pak Ming was asked about Chief Executive candidate Henry Tang Ying-Yen's recent troubles.  He said that before that he already nominated him.  He thought that everyone had advantages and flaws, no one was perfect.  He thought he had more advantages than flaws.

Wong Pak Ming admitted that now he still leans toward supporting Tang Ying-Yen because among the candidates he was more supportive of show business.  Earlier when the government supported the 300 million film development fund, they met at Mr. Tang's home.  Have other candidates campaigned with him?  Wong Pak Ming admitted that no one contacted him and he would not contact them.  His decision would be primary.

Teddy Robin said that he did not know how to discuss politics or religion.  He was not in the commission so he did not want to say much.  Earlier he won a Best Actor award in Australia with MERRY GO ROUND (DUNG FUNG POR), Teddy Robin said that now he has more choices.  However he would not randomly make movies.  Now he mainly is a producer as he has three scripts in preparation.

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