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The Jeff Lau Chun Wai written and directed film 92 THE LEGENDARY LA ROSE NOIRE (92 HAK MUI GWAI DUI HAK MUI GWAI) was selected as one of the 100 MUST SEE HONG KONG MOVIES.  Yesterday it was screened at the Hong Kong Film Award.  Lau Chun Wai returned to Hong Kong in support and even with his always humorous personality.  He also received the support of good friend Corey Yuen Kwai as they talked about the past. Lau Chun Wai revealed that the film's first week box office was beyond brutal.  He immediately took a flight to leave Hong Kong as he did not dare to face this box office.  Luckily Yuen Kwai called to encourage him.  Later the box office gradually rose and had a 160 some day run to become the longest running Hong Kong film release.  Lau Chun Wai said, "That feeling is like Heaven is playing with me!"

Lau Chun Wai said that among his numerous work, the most memorable should be SAVIOR OF THE SOUL (91 SUN DIU HUP NUI) because at the time his parents passed away within a month of each other.  He remembered when he received the call that day, Anita Mui Yim Fong was still sitting next to him and asked why he looked so surprised.  When she learned she told him not to start the shoot, then Lau Chun Wai also called Andy Lau Tak Wa to explain.  Yet at night he still returned to the set and shot a scene that cracked up the late night preview audience.  Lau Chun Wai helplessly said, "The whole feeling is pretty dumb, with such a mood I could actually make such a scene."  Lau Chun Wai said that in the middle of the year he will officially shoot his new film.  It will mainly be a comedy.  The cast and the location have not been decided yet.

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