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The film MR. AND MRS. GAMBLER (LAN DOH FU DAU LAN DOH CHAI) two nights ago held its premiere.  Wong Jing led actors Chapman To Man Jat, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Philip Ng Won Lung, new Jing Girl Hu Ran and others in the promotion.  Fiona earlier almost tripped while performing at Wyman Wong's Hong Kong Coliseum concert.  Two nights ago she insisted that she would not feel embarrassed but she had to thank Edmond Leung Hong Man and others for helping her with her shoes.

Two nights ago many artists attended the premiere.  Aside from Fiona's rumored boyfriend Khalil Fong Datong, Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Carlo Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai (Si Ngai) and the rumored to be ill
recently Law Kar Ying appeared.  Brother Kar Ying took part in the film.  He kept posing with female artists at the venue and did not appear to have any health issue.  Sit Hoi Kei earlier at Wyman Wong's concert closing tripped on her dress.  Even though Fiona did not fell her high heels flew to the sides of the stage and Leung Hong Man and others had to pick them up for her.  Fiona deliberately laughed off the embarrassment when asked and said, "My long dresses of the previous shows were very graceful, but that night for the last show I switched to sing a happy song.  I too wanted to have more fun .  I wanted to jump up but the revolving stage tripped me up and my high heels went flying."  Fiona said, "I have to thank Edmond, Grandpa (William So Wing Hong) for helping me without my shoes.  Actually the most important is for everyone to have fun!  I didn't feel embarrassed."

Fiona revealed that recently she has been working on a costume film in the Mainland and thus had a little kung fu background.  She said, "The most important is to be able to complete a concert with love."  Speaking of Eason Chan Yik Shun and Denise Ho Wan Si's kiss during the performance of PEERLESS ELEGANCE (FONG WA JUET DOI) Fiona said that she was in make up backstage and did not find out about this until she saw the video later.  She said, "On the stage you have to do something that you normally wouldn't do!"  She stressed that was a type of acting.  Fiona also said, "If the song was right, when the mood was right I would do that too."  To Man Jat said, "The most important is whether anyone would want to see it, if not that it's useless no matter how outrageous it is!"  Ah Jat thought that both parties must communicate before such a gesture.  He said that in the past he and Ah Si kissed in a series, he praised her as decent.  He also said, "Getting to feel up is better than not.  An artist sells art!"

New Jing Girl Hu Ran two nights ago also appeared.  She said that she has signed a multiple year contract with Brother Jing.  She had to wear a bikini in this film.  "After April I will work on MA WING JING, for a martial art action film I shouldn't have to be sexy!"  Brother Jing said that this year he planned to push his Jing Girls like Hu Ran, Tong Fei, Jiang Luxia and male star Ng Won Lung.

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